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On our podcast ‘Tales That Tethr’, tethr Founder & CEO Matt Zerker interviews entrepreneurs, experts, thought leaders, and regular people about what is means to be a man, the challenges that modern men face, and how to overcome challenges and live life in a more connected and authentic way.


Over the past year, tethr has engaged in moving conversations that have shed light on the very real experiences men go through everyday regarding their mental health. We strive to continue to support and educate our community which is what inspired this specific blog. We have collected the most authentic conversations we have had on our platform on the topic of mental health that we feel everyone needs to hear.

Here's what we've learned...

1. Unacknowledged Emotions = Weight

A conversation with Carl Anthony about how emotional weight affects men physically and the process of how men acknowledge that the weight has gotten too much for them to carry on their own.

2. Body Knows Best

Dive deeper with Addison Brasil and Jared Tavasolian on the topic of emotional fitness which is about becoming present by being inside yourself and listening to what your body is communicating with you.

3. Pay attention to your language, it holds a lot of weight

Roy Redd explains how the language we use day to day matters. By creating awareness around the language we use when describing ourselves, we practice acknowledgement without invalidation. We can still FEEL an emotion without becoming that emotion.

4. In surrendering, you actually gain more control

This conversation between Matt Zerker, Nick McNaught, and Zach Ramelan highlights the importance of surrendering. We often fear that by surrendering we lose control, when in reality, the opposite happens. When we surrender, we gain control because we are no longer acting from a place of fear.  

5. Emotions are meant to be felt, not suppressed

This insightful conversation between Matt Zerker and Kimberly Hill discusses why men fall victim to suppressing emotions rather than feeling them. It ultimately comes down to the social pressures that are set for men. These pressures highlight toxic masculinity rather than highlighting emotional fitness.

6. Holding space for another man to cry is manly AF

Jay Taj shares his experience of how having a man in his life that allowed him to cry, feel his emotions, and accepted vulnerability shifted his view on masculinity and what it means to be a man.

7. You can walk away from something and still feel like your masculinity is intact

Andrew Reiner shares that walking away from a fight doesn’t strip you of your masculinity, it actually builds it. This conversation dives deeper on the responsibility fathers have to pave the way for their sons and model that masculinity it not about how hard your punch is or your unwillingness to cry. It’s about prioritizing your emotional fitness and validating your emotions as they show up.

8. Tethr is trying to get men more comfortable with actually feeling

This conversation between Cleo Stiller and Matt Zerker discusses tethr’s mission in creating an environment where men feel comfortable and safe to feel what they are feeling! Tethr emphasizes that struggling doesn’t make you less than a man, it simply makes you human.

9. It's not about overcoming your grief, it's about building a relationship with it

Addison sheds light on his experience with grief and shares that it’s not about overcoming it, it’s about building a relationship with it. And with every relationship, it requires patience, love, and nurturing.

10. We can use gratitude to heal our pain

Kevin Hines and Matt Zerker discuss how pain can be prolonged by mindset. If we choose to hold space and gratitude for our pain and nurture it, we can always overcome the pain. The mindset is choosing between acknowledging pain or falling victim to it.


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