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On our podcast ‘Tales That Tethr’, tethr Founder & CEO Matt Zerker interviews entrepreneurs, experts, thought leaders, and regular people about what is means to be a man, the challenges that modern men face, and how to overcome challenges and live life in a more connected and authentic way.


Welcome to Coach’s Corner, a series featuring mental health and wellbeing professionals in the tethr community where we get to learn a little more about the amazing work they do. If you want to share your work with the community, click here. Today we’re featuring Jordan Candlish, an Energy and Performance Coach in Perth.

What led you to a career in mental health and wellbeing?

Existential crisis after starting my corporate job in Accounting

For anyone who isn't familiar, can you explain the kind of work that you do with patients/clients? Do you have a specialized area you focus on?

I specialize in helping high achieving individuals and companies find their flow through deep embodiment work.

If you could only give one piece of advice to someone struggling with their mental health and wellbeing, what would it be?

You have every right to be feeling what you're feeling, be kind to yourself and seek support, all we need sometimes is permission.

What's the most important change you'd like to see in men's mental health? Or something you've already seen change?

More communities and groups where men can feel safe expressing their feelings without judgment. It's time we de condition the stigma in society about men being vulnerable.

What do you value most about peer support in a person's mental health and wellbeing journey? What does peer support look like to you?

I value the reassurance and safety that gets created when you know someone has your back, knowing that you're not alone creates courage. Peer support for me is all about space. Having the space to feel, express and open up the areas in life you previously suppressed out of fear.

How do you explain the difference between thoughts and feelings and the relationship between the two?

Feelings are energy (emotion) that flows through out body, these feelings get trapped when our mind judges certain emotions as good or bad. Thoughts are the stories we tell ourselves about the emotions that we feel. When we feel good, the mind tells us positive stories, and when we feel bad, the mind is our enemy. The more we can practice silencing the mind and listening to the body, the easier life gets. Thoughts are lies, feelings are truth.

What is the most inspiring part of your work, the thing that keeps you going? What is one thing you have learned that you want to share with everyone reading?

I'm inspired by the never ending expansion of life as it moves through each of us, there is infinite potential trying to emerge and when I see someone tap into this who was previously blocked its like watching a rocket ship take off. One of my favourite realizations is that life is rigged in our favour. Life is constantly trying to point us where to go next, once we're able to surrender and trust that there is something far greater than our mind steering the ship, it makes it a whole lot easier to sit back and enjoy the ride. No matter how rough the water, there is always smooth sailing coming.

To learn more about Jordan and his work, check out his website and Instagram. ALSO, check out our #tethrtalks with him on IGTV.


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