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You may remember JT from our tethr roundtable talk and his recent contribution Coaches Corner.

Your Are Greatness by Men's Life Coach JT Tsui

The Good News: 

Hamilton, Ontario - Ontario Football is proud to announce that author and human potential and success coach JT Tsui will be donating Ten Percent of all proceeds from his new International Best-Selling book, You Are Greatness: 13 Ideas to Effortlessly Bring Joy, Calm and Peace Into Your Life, to Ontario Football.

More About JT: 

JT is a driven, passionate and service oriented coaching professional with over twenty plus years of leadership and management experience in athletics, education and business. JT delivers consistently strong results by creating equitable, diverse and inclusive environments so all team members can be in a position to succeed.

JT’s book includes thirteen ideas that will help you understand how great you are and how to tap into your potential. The book will help you discover that your past results are not indicative of your potential and help you become more open to new ideas, images and people.

Ontario Football will be using these proceeds from JT’s generous donation to establish a new Ontario based program called ‘The Greatness Academy’ which will be a program aimed at equipping young athletes with the skills to be the future great leaders of tomorrow by using sport and football as the conduit for achieving greatness.

“Many of the greatest lessons I have learned in my life are a result of being involved with the game of football for the last 25+ years. I wanted to share some of these valuable lessons with others in my recently released book YOU ARE GREATNESS. The leadership team at the Ontario Football Association and I are creating and empowering the next generation of leaders on and off the field,” says JT.

“We are incredibly fortunate and appreciative of the support and donation provided by JT. The introduction of this new leadership program is another way we can provide our athletes with the tools to be Great leaders in the community. Football provides so many unique leadership skills that we believe it is the best place to provide this type of support and education to our athletes.” says Aaron Geisler Executive Director Ontario Football.

Ontario Football encourages everyone who has not purchased his book already to do so, to not only benefit the young athletes and future leaders within the province, but to also benefit and strengthen yourself.

“This book goes beyond stories and ideas. It is a workbook for you to plan and build a blueprint for your very own success!” says Nick Hallett, 2019 Grey Cup Champion with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

You can view and purchase both the paperback and Kindle version of the book HERE.

You can also visit JT’s website to learn more about JT and his past work and course offerings HERE.



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