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Father's day is coming up quickly and finding the perfect gift can be challenging. So as per usual, tethr has your back. We have come up with five of the best gift ideas for Father's Day so that you don't have to. tethr emphasizes the idea of real connection, so to remain aligned with that, these gifts both curate the feeling of connection and community.

You can't go wrong with any of these gift options. Check them out...

1. Pods Program

Tethr is offering a Pods Program package so that you and your father can experience real accountability and real connection together. Pods program is a peer enabled mental health and well-being platform for men. We help men find meaning and purpose in their lives through community, peer programming, and a 24/7 support network of men who ‘get it’. This will make the perfect Father’s Day gift because not only does it allow both of you to experience the accountability and growth that Pods gives, but it also allows you to BE that accountability and connection for each other. Next cohort starts June 21st.

2. An Appreciation Letter

When’s the last time you've expressed your appreciation for your father? Make it this Father’s Day. We often as a collective forget the importance of expressing our gratitude to those of importance surrounding us because we assume that they already know. But reflect back on the last time someone said to you that they appreciate you. Remember how you felt. Wouldn't you want to create that feeling of acknowledgement in others? This is a great gift for Father’s Day because it is personal and sentimental. It’s something your father will keep in his wallet for years whenever he needs a lift me up.

3. An Experience

It’s true, we often remember the quality time spent with someone rather than the materialistic gifts we receive. Giving someone an experience is a great gift because it can be personalized to that individual. You know your father best! What does he like to do? Maybe take him out for lunch, go golfing, or even invite him over for some wine and appetizers. Spending time with your loved ones and creating an experience and memory is one of the best gifts you can give. It lasts a lifetime! aka... the gift that never stops giving.

4. A Book... Specifically, "Better Boys, Better Men"

Better Boys, Better Men written by author Andrew Reiner is the perfect book to purchase for Father’s Day. It’s all about modern masculinity and a thought provoking read that shows how men of all ages can thrive while embracing their humanity.  

Other suggestions from the Bro Book Club: Men Enough by Justin Baldoni and Little & Often by Trent Preszler.

5. Medcircle Membership

Medcircle is a trusted online mental health resource community where you can learn and educate yourself on mental health through virtual classes, articles, and interview video series. Tethr has gone one step further and is offering a discount code for you. Use TETHR at checkout for a discount on your purchase.


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