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On our podcast ‘Tales That Tethr’, tethr Founder & CEO Matt Zerker interviews entrepreneurs, experts, thought leaders, and regular people about what is means to be a man, the challenges that modern men face, and how to overcome challenges and live life in a more connected and authentic way.


1. Open About His Struggles

A modern man shares openly about his struggles, especially with other men. This man knows that his story and his vulnerability are not signs of weakness but characteristics of strength

2. Comfortable with Emotional Intimacy

A modern man is comfortable saying “I love you” – even to another man. This man knows that emotional intimacy and depth of connection nourishes his soul and allows him to move through the world with depth, character, and humility


3. Hold’s Space for Another Person and their Struggles

A modern man is comfortable holding space for another person’s struggles. This man knows that emotions and pain are not something to run away from, but something to turn towards. By holding space for others, we all heal collectively


4. Takes Care of Himself

A modern man takes care of himself. This man knows that by taking care of ourselves, which includes diet, exercise, and self-care, we show our subconscious that we are worthy and deserving. This helps us stand taller with a soft front and a strong back!


5. Rests When He is Tired

A modern man rests when he is tired and weary. This man knows that he cannot be of service to himself and to those that trust him if he is run down. He does not push himself when he is in need of rest and instead honours how his body is feeling and recuperates knowing that he will be more effectives once he is restored


tethr is the first peer-to-peer support platform that connects men for open conversations about real life. We provide men with a safe, barrier-free online space for open dialogue and genuine support, allowing men to connect deeply with themselves, other men, and everyone their lives touch.