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On our podcast ‘Tales That Tethr’, tethr Founder & CEO Matt Zerker interviews entrepreneurs, experts, thought leaders, and regular people about what is means to be a man, the challenges that modern men face, and how to overcome challenges and live life in a more connected and authentic way.


Welcome to Tales That Tethr, a series written by and for the tethr community. If you’d like to share your own story of strength and support, click here. Today we’re honored to share Paul’s story.

The turning point in my mental health journey was realizing that all these things I fear in my day to day life will not kill me. Getting cold, talking in-front of a crowd, turning a dream into a reality. Sure, they may be uncomfortable, but with time they will become easier.

When I was struggling, I would have liked to see more day-to-day people opening up. I didn’t relate to the mental health advocates who had social media platforms talking about depression and anxiety. I wish “regular” guys and girls shared more.

Peer support for me is when others open up to talk about the low times, not just highlight their “best” life.

If I could give my younger self advice it would be to stop worrying about being judged. The best thing I did on my mental health journey is invest in myself to get better. Investing in a gym membership, investing in healthier, more costly food choices, investing in therapy. I still invest when I feel down or off. I invest in learning new things about myself, I invest in hiring those who I look up to, to teach me their ways.

I support others by telling my story and being open about when times are tough, and what may have made it that way. I have found people reach out here and there to ask for advice, which I am happy to help with. It’s nice to give value to others. Peer support for me is when others open up to talk about the low times, not just highlight their “best” life. It is always better to be honest.

In addition to supporting tethr, Paul is the creator of Never Alone.  He also appeared on our #TethrTalks IGTV series.


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