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On our podcast ‘Tales That Tethr’, tethr Founder & CEO Matt Zerker interviews entrepreneurs, experts, thought leaders, and regular people about what is means to be a man, the challenges that modern men face, and how to overcome challenges and live life in a more connected and authentic way.


tethr founder and CEO Matt Zerker recently appeared on the Mind Sweep Podcast, hosted by The Ramblr project.

Podcast Info:  On this episode of Mind Sweep, we bring on Matt Zerker. Matt created an app called Tethr, that allows men to connect, find support, and open up about their mental health. Matt created the app based on the fact that men are less likely to open up to others including; friends, family, and co-workers. The idea is to provide a positive space that encourages each man to embrace their story.
Tethr currently has just over 5000 active members that use their app.

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More about Ramblr: 

Sometimes, this amazing, exciting life you were sold might not be living up to snuff. Questions arise, But who do you turn to? Maybe no one. Maybe, you suppress, settle for less, and ultimately suffer. What if we could answer those questions, settle that confusion, and give you connection. We decided to kick back, dig deeper, and get those answers to you by bringing on individuals who have been through that storm, and came out on top. Sit back, relax, smile, we got you, exhale… and click play. Welcome to Mind Sweep. New episodes with new guests every week. Hosted by Matthew Ravida and Dan Pelosini. Presented by The Ramblr Project


tethr is the first peer-to-peer support platform that connects men for open conversations about real life. We provide men with a safe, barrier-free online space for open dialogue and genuine support, allowing men to connect deeply with themselves, other men, and everyone their lives touch.