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From TMZ:

Men trying to cope with mental health issues need a place to go for support -- especially during the pandemic -- and Addison Brasil's building an online community of men who get it ... the struggle is real.

The actor's cofounded an app called Tethr, with a goal of combatting the idea that men who suffer from anxiety and depression are less masculine -- a stigma that keeps them from seeking help.

According to Addison, Tethr is welcoming because it's a peer-to-peer community of dudes who are already comfortable opening up ... so it's easy to find common ground.

On "TMZ Live" Thursday, he pointed out 3 out of 4 guys admitted to feeling stressed, anxious or depressed ... and that was BEFORE the coronavirus. So, having an outlet to seek guidance or simply vent is more crucial than ever now.

As for what the fellas on the app are talking about -- Addison says there's the expected topics of feeling lonely or not having a sense of purpose ... but there are no boundaries.


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