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You may have already heard that tonight’s WFWF virtual event features a sneak peak of the short film The Great Artist. But did you know that our own co-founder Addison Brasil is an producer and executive producer on the project?

“This year I wanted to show up more fully for men’s mental health,” said Brasil. “It was important to do so from a place of community.”

Starring award-winning actor Matthew Postlethwaite (Peaky Blinders), Marimar Vega (La Boda de Valentina), Emmy-nominated Rain Valdez (Razor Tongue), and Benjamin Patterson (Greenleaf), The Great Artist focuses on mental health issues. A gifted artist finds himself in a broken balance between creating world class art and the all too silent struggle of self-care as his life begins to unravel because of his Dissociative Identity Disorder.

The film, written and created by Matthew Postlethwaite and Sunny Vachher under their production studio Purpose Co., has qualified as on Oscar contender for Best Live Action Short Film with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences 2021. It was directed by United Nations Honoree, Global Peacemakers and Disruptive Innovation Award-winning Filmmaker Indrani Pal-Chaudhuri (The Girl Epidemic).

“We are on a mission to bring transformative change and empowerment to those struggling with mental health disorders to be able to seek help, prevent suicide, and save lives,” said Sunny Vachher.

“Depression levels are at an all time high, highlighted by the current pandemic,” added Postlethwaite. “It emphasizes a major underlying issue of mental health in the world.” Part of the film's goal is to encourage people to find the help they need. The film has support from organizations such as GLADD, American Foundation of Suicide Prevention, National Association of Mental Illnesses CA (NAMI), National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, Movember, Kindred, Tethr, The Tramuto Foundation, and Stand with Impact.

Addison connected with the project because of its positive message. “After sharing about my own mental health struggles via tethr, Matthew called me and wanted to share his and the project. Safe spaces connect men in a deeper and more meaningful way. As a creator, I was moved by the story of the Great Artist and inspired by Matthrew’s desire to shed light on a mental health driven narrative.”

Join us tonight for a special viewing of a clip from the movie, followed by a Q&A with Postlethwaite.


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