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On our podcast ‘Tales That Tethr’, tethr Founder & CEO Matt Zerker interviews entrepreneurs, experts, thought leaders, and regular people about what is means to be a man, the challenges that modern men face, and how to overcome challenges and live life in a more connected and authentic way.


When signing up for therapy, most people can expect to budget for $100-200 per session. The access to good quality therapy is a very expensive privilege. Not all of us have the luxury of spending $200 for one hour of therapy. So how can tethr help?


Let's first start with Pods…. 

Pods is a tethr support group where real accountability and real connection is experienced. If you’re looking to find purpose in your life and build friendships with other guys who “get it”, Pods is something to consider.It runs in cohorts and 4 weeks straight, where every week you are led by a coach and are taught healthy ways to navigate hardships and tough experiences. Most important, not only is it effectives and valuable, it's affordable. Pods program is priced at $39.99 per month. Meaning, you are paying for 4 sessions with a group of guys who become family for only $40.

Men's Group Cheaper than Therapy

If we compare this to the cost of therapy that ranges anywhere from $100-200 per session, you would be budgeting for anywhere from $400-800 on therapy alone in one month. Another factor to consider is what if you need another session throughout the week? The cost of therapy racks up relatively quickly. Compare this to Pods, you budget only $40 per month, and have access to your Podmates around the clock. Meaning you don’t have to pay any additional cost for that extra support on a tougher day.


Mental health is 24/7, so should your access to support

Hear from other men who have been in the program.

Next round of Pods starts Monday September 6th and runs Monday Evenings from 8:30pm-10pm EST for 4 Weeks

Accountability is hard. Approach it with science, not shame.

  • 🔸   Get placed in a digital pod with other men who get it and are committed to connecting daily
  • 🔸   Learn through experience, build lifelong connection and join a culture of accountability
  • 🔸   Daily Check-Ins, Live ‘PodMates’ meet-ups and informative videos to accelerate your learning
  • 🔸   Peer enabled learning lead by a Master Men’s Coach
  • 🔸   Free Access to tethr Premium Server and Exclusive Events

Still Have Questions?

tethr Co-Founder Addison Brasil chats pods, a therapy alternative or additional option for men who want to bring more community, support and accountability into their emotional fitness and life.

What other men are saying about PODs

More testimonials from REAL MEN who meet weekly for mental health and wellbeing:

“In my four weeks in the program, I learned that it was safe to share with the right people. I let go of a lot of shame that came up as I set goals and found out what did and didn’t work for me, and I discovered my priorities along the way. The camaraderie, acceptance and the act of celebrating ourselves no matter what turned out to be so much more important than the goals I made. The emphasis on checking in with our bodies also helped me better listen to and understand my body and how it responds to different emotions.”

Derrick 🟠

“The tethr POD program and my POD mates helped me be accountable for my goals. Our daily check-ins helped me push myself towards those goals and celebrate them.”

Kyle 🟠

“It helps people progress with their goals. I think I’ve just been stuck the past few years, and sort of directionless. You got to get started and this is a great way in my mind.”

Evan 🟠

“Being apart of the pod for the past 7 months has been a huge help and boost to my day-to-day mental health. I’ve really enjoyed learning how to set achievable goals, celebrating them, and having a group of fellow men to talk to on a daily basis for check-ins and to create space for each other. I feel I’ve grown because of it.”

Greg 🟠

“tethrPods are a MasterClass in accountability. Having a group of my peers hold me accountable in a healthy and organic way helped me create a pillar of support that allowed me to approach my goals with an eagerness and compassion I had not yet realized I was capable of.”

Kyle, Host of Life’s a Wreck Podcast 🟠

“Everybody is here because they want to be and they want to help and be helped.”

Steve 🟠

“TethrPOD Accountability is a great add-on to further your journey of self understanding.”

Gary 🟠

“The Tethrpod experience has given me a better understanding of accountability partnerships. I learned about accountability both in theory and practice. It was constructive to build skills to generalize to new challenges while bonding with a pod of men in real time.”

Terry 🟠

Join us in September.


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