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On our podcast ‘Tales That Tethr’, tethr Founder & CEO Matt Zerker interviews entrepreneurs, experts, thought leaders, and regular people about what is means to be a man, the challenges that modern men face, and how to overcome challenges and live life in a more connected and authentic way.


What is emotional fitness?

Emotional fitness is our ability to understand our emotions, feel them, and proactively practice self-awareness and mindfulness. This is especially important in our ability to connect in our relationships, connect with ourselves, and ultimately live a satisfied life that involves healthy communication, healthy coping strategies, healthy relationships, and healthy mindsets.

Why is it important?

"As humans, we often don’t fix things until they are at crisis point, but our system and habits need to evolve. We need to empower men to recognize when their mental health is in decline and offer them opportunities to engage in healthy preventative practices, such as mindfulness, physical activity or emotional support from their networks before it becomes a crisis. Men must engage with their emotional wellbeing with the same proactivity as with their physical health, to support positive overall wellbeing."

- The Man Cave, Head of Programs and registered Psychologist, Matt Defina. Click here to learn more .

“Since stress is the number one cause of illness and disease, it’s only logical that any emotional self-regulation techniques practiced regularly is literally preventative medicine!”

-Nick Terrone. Click here to learn more.

"Men often learn to push physical and work performance but remain unaware that they are neglecting their emotional wellbeing. The message they get is 'work hard, play hard and a healthy mind follows'. But emotional wellbeing also works on a different plane. One of slowing down, experiencing your feelings and connecting more deeply with others. That level of experience regulates the body and mind in other ways that ultimately increase wellbeing, health and performance."

- Dan Auerbach. Click here to learn more.

tethr shares five practices to integrate into your emotional fitness regimen

1. Check in with yourself daily!

Checking in with yourself every day is a good place to start in strengthening your emotional fitness. To help you integrate this habit into your routine, tethr has implemented an emotional fitness tracker in app to remind you and encourage you to check in with yourself and bring awareness to your thoughts and emotions every day.

2. Acknowledge your emotions

Acknowledging your emotions is the first step in understanding them! Integrating acknowledgement in your emotional fitness regimen is essential. After checking in with yourself and reflecting how you are feeling, acknowledgment is the step that makes those emotions validated. This is important, in order to work through your emotions, they first must “exist”to you.

3. Show yourself patience and compassion

Showing yourself patience when working through an emotion is the upmost important factor. Don’t make yourself feel wrong for feeling a certain away, simply be present to it and hold space for yourself! This process may be challenging at the beginning of this journey, but with consistency and support, it gets easier!

4. Let go of judgement

Don’t make yourself “wrong” for feeling a certain way, rather get curious. Ask yourself, what in my life is no longer serving a purpose? What in my life can be contributing to how I am feeling right now? Emotions are how our body communicates with us and its our job to listen.

5. Feel your emotions fully and then let them go

This step in the process is scary. More often than not, when you are experiencing an overwhelming emotion, it’s hard to allow it in, it’s easier to block it out. But in order to work through it, you have to surrender to your resistance towards it. You can only go as deep as you allow yourself to, remember that! Letting go is the final step. Allowing yourself to feel it and then let it go is vitally important because it teaches you how to feel an emotion without becoming it. You learn how to separate yourself from the emotion and simply hold space for it.


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