5 Ways For Men to Connect Without Feeling Like Less of a Man

In this guide you will...

Learn the FIVE core tenets of connecting with yourself and others. You will be given cues that will help you self-reflect and identify where the principle is essential in your life. You will also be given exercises for self-assessment and space to critically evaluate how these principles can be instituted in your own life.

Guide Details:
  • 5 Principles
  • 5 Section Exercises
  • 4 Points of Reflections
  • 1 Opportunity for Action
Reading this guide you will:
  • Connect more deeply with yourself and others
  • Learn patience for yourself and the people you meet
  • Slow down and reflect
  • How to ask for support
  • The principles of a strong support community


No man is an island

1 Reading, 1 Reflection, 3 Written Exercises


Have patience for another man's process, including your own.

1 Reading, 1 Reflection, 1 Written Exercise, 1 Activity


Meet a man where he is, not where you think he should be.

1 Reading, 1 Reflection, 3 Written Exercise, 1 Activity, 1 Bonus Activity


Asking for support is a sign of strength

1 Reading, 1 Action, 3 Activities, 1 Reflection


Create a space for mutual support and brotherhood

1 Reading, 1 Reflection, 1 Action, 1 Parting Thought
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What men in our community are saying...

“Thank you all for the support and contributions!! I’ve got my own battles with anger and it’s comforting to know I’m not alone in trying to grow, to move forward from the negative and destructive aspects of myself. You’re all amazing men!! Keep up the great work.”
— Jaime
“I’m always hesitant to join groups just because there have been so many different kinds of groups where I felt that I had not belonged or been welcomed. People often don’t see that because I’m very social and have mastered putting up the friendly and docile mask that most wear everyday around the world. But seeing that post made me happy because one of the things that I struggle with so much is anxiety. I’m happy to know that I won’t be alone in my worry here.”
— Kelly
“I hope by opening up about this stuff we can show men that it's ok and totally normal to feel this way. We can also show that the pain eventually ends. I realized that I pushed the emotions down. I made the decision to face my emotions and used a bunch of tools and sources to do this. Like lots of men, I didn’t know how to express my emotions. It was amazing to see the response and support I got from sources I never expected it to come from.”
— Evan